Monday, April 03, 2006

Crocodile Tears?

The tourist dipped her hand in the water and raised it to her sweating brow. Rivulets of cool water ran from her fingers and, trickling down over her eyelids, caused her to blink momentarily.

At that moment, the crocodile struck, his powerful jaws snapping shut across her torso, instantaneously crushing her ribs, arms and spine. She made no sound, other than the whoosh of air expelled from her collapsing lungs.

In one continuous movement, the crocodile flipped his catch over into the water and drove her underwater in order to drown her. She offered no resistance whatever as he held her at the bottom for several minutes.

Then, satisfied that she was dead, he carried her back to his private meat-safe when he wedged her under a submerged tree-trunk, with the intention of leaving her to marinate for a couple of days.

Even though there would clearly be little eating on this skinny cadaver, the crocodile was beside himself with excitement at his catch. He couldn’t wait to tell the lads that he had caught that most elusive of the “Croc’s Big 5”, the very rare albino ape.

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