Friday, September 15, 2006

Modest Minister McDowell

New PD leader Michael McDowell had a pretty soft ride on the Pat Kenny show today. Kenny allowed him make all his "slump coalition" jibes without interruption. Not what I'd categorise as a political interview - more of a PR puff piece. Perhaps Kenny is hoping to replace Sam Smyth as his favourite media man - in line for any juicy leaks from Garda files.

During the interview, McDowell repeated his recent demand that Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte identify their major political career achievements.

This is a clear echo of his recent hysterical put-down of Richard Bruton, the implication being that neither man can come near to matching McDowell’s own peerless record of achievement, at least by his own modest reckoning.

If Mr McDowell would reveal to us how, on his unique KNEE-HIGH SCALE, he rates each of his party and cabinet colleagues then perhaps we would be better placed to judge his assessment of his political opponents.

Footnote: an edited version of this published as a letter in the Irish Examiner and the Irish Independent.

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