Monday, April 21, 2008

Lisbon Treaty leads to 4rd Reich?

Ulick McEvaddy, multi-millionaire, has come out on the NO side of the Lisbon Treaty referendum campaign.

Interviewed on Pat Kenny’s RTE radio programme today, McEvaddy repeatedly said that we’re being asked to approve a treaty that will determine Europe’s future for “1,000 years”.

Then Pat Kenny read a message from Jim Dorney, another “NO” voter who‘s something significant in the construction industry, who also used the phrase “1,000 years”.

I suspect this may well be part of a concerted marketing effort by the “NO Lobby” to create a subliminal impression that we’re being asked to sign up to something equivalent to the 3rd Reich.

Is anyone, even those the NO Lobby, stupid enough to believe that anything enacted in 2008 will last 100 years, never mind 1,000?

When the Shinners and the millionaires are united in advocating a NO vote, it only reinforces my determination to vote YES.

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