Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Thuggery of English forwards

Former England hooker Brian Moore now works as a commentator on rugby, and was working yesterday on the BBC match coverage of the EDF semi-finals.
As a player, he came across as arrogant, aggressive and generally unpleasant – he was everything you love to hate in an English forward.

So, during the commentary, his co-presenter (name unknown) mentioned that, before the match, Moore had bumped into his former England pack colleagues Wade Dooley and Paul Ackford. Not a trio to be messed with, he opined.

“What would be the collective noun for that group?” asked Moore.
“A thuggery”, came the immediate response.

In all fairness to Moore, he immediately acknowledged the quality of the wit and, for about 15-20 seconds, he could be heard chuckling in the background while his Wildean co-presenter continued with the match commentary.

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