Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bloomsday again

It’s Bloomsday again and the posers have been out in force all morning around Sandycove and Glasthule. Lunchtime will be the signal to start the serious eating and drinking and, as usual, Caviston’s pavement is festooned with tables.

Doubtless Pete will be giving them all a reading from the great book while they try not to spill the vin rouge and/or gravy on their Edwardian outfits.

You have to hand it to Pete, he’s a great man for organising events. Today, he’s going to top whatever David Norris can manage in North Great George’s Street, for there’s a hearse drawn up outside Quinn’s Funeral Home and I’ll lay any money that Cavo is planning to recreate Paddy Dignam’s funeral scene from the book.

What a man of culture, truly Ireland’s very own Sir Les Patterson!

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