Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Gerry Ryan - enough, already.

I readily admit that I have never met Gerry Ryan, nor was I a fan.

I never listened to his radio programme and my only exposure to him was the occasional accidental glimpse on tv.. The persona I perceived there was not one I liked or admired. I recall one reviewer opining that if Ryan was an ice-cream he’d lick himself.

That said, I would not have wished him any harm, other than a large salary reduction, and his death at a relatively early age has left a family and partner in grief.

Am I alone in felling a little disturbed by the “Princess Diana” nature of the media coverage of his death, particularly on RTE?

What does it say for the national intelligence if Gerry Ryan was the country’s most insightful and influential commentator – for he is now, in death, elevated to that exalted position.

Somewhere in outer space, where radio signals from Earth are monitored, the alien on the RTE desk is reporting the death of some major eminence, possibly the world leader. This is causing confusion because no other radio signal is carrying the same story.

Enough, already!

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