Monday, November 01, 2010

Mary Harney painted red!

Isn’t it interesting that Health Minister Mary Harney can regularly turn up to claim the credit at the opening of a new health facility, while consistently denying responsibility in the Dáil for anything that goes wrong with the health service?

Attendance of this type of PR event, supposedly “state business”, is one of the justifications offered for the provision of the chauffeur driven state limousine to each minister. (The current batch of ministers would go to the opening of an envelope and think nothing of the cost of use of state cars, jets or helicopters to get them there and back!)

However, following the red paint incident today, they’ll be able to claim that personal security is the key consideration in deciding to keep their cars.

Personally, I’d give each minister a supply of paint remover and a book of dry-cleaning vouchers and tell them to provide their own transport in future.

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