Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fintan O'Toole chickens out. Quel surprise!

I applaud Fintan O’Toole for the candour of his revelation that a bold scheme to save the country, devised by himself, David McWilliams and other unnamed luminaries, has come unstuck because, after 3 years of national crisis, they couldn’t cope with the general election coming one month earlier than they had anticipated.

It might seem that our best hope of national salvation has been destroyed by, to quote Harold Macmillan, “events, dear boy, events”.

On reflection, if this dream team couldn’t deal with something as minor as a moving deadline, perhaps the country has been spared a major letdown and this team of, largely unnamed, luminaries has been spared significant reputational damage.

I confess that I was eagerly looking forward to David McWilliams running in my constituency when I would have the opportunity to confront him with his advocacy of the 2008 blanket bank guarantee, which has proven to be a major catastrophe for the country. Some of these putative national saviours need their feet held to the flames by the electorate.

When will media commentators learn that it’s far easier, and more comfortable, to pontificate from the sidelines than to be responsible for the results on the field?

Aired by Pat Kenny on his RTE Today programme.

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