Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Labour - Fianna Fáil coalition?

The current media coronation of Enda Kenny may prove to be unwise, if today's Irish Independent poll is to be believed (It puts FG @ 30%, Lab 24%, FF 16%, Greens 1%, SF 13%, Independents 15%).

If Labour get mid-40s seats and FF can get to 30+, with several “FF gene-pool” independents, will Eamon Gilmore be able to resist the lure of the Taoiseach’s office through doing a deal with Micheál Martin?

I doubt that he’ll have much of a problem winning the wrestling match with his conscience “in the national interest”, of course.

The only real question would be whether FF would be willing to play second fiddle to labour. That would probably be the wrong long term strategy for a FF recovery.

I have little doubt that if the numbers could be made to stack up, Gilmore & Labour will certainly give it serious consideration.

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