Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sean Fitzpatrick's BMW - a new symbol for Ireland?

Sean Fitzpatrick’s 18-year old BMW is up for auction on eBay and the proceeds will go to the Samaritans charity. On day one of the week long auction, bids had already reached over €5k.

The car has to be scrapped and the winning bidder will get to press the button to crush it but, for some legal reason, will be unable to take away the bale of scrap metal which results.

Could it instead become a piece of modern art?

Possible locations would be as a replacement for that ball of fool’s gold which adorns the forecourt of the Central Bank or, alternatively, on the plinth outside that ship of fools known as the Dáil.

It would serve as a permanent and public reminder of the failure of legislators and regulators to fulfil their most basic function, the protection of our national interests.

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