Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another victim of the Mad Molecule Theory?

Off to Paris at end of next week with the ball & chain, partly to mark our 21st wedding anniversary. You’d serve a shorter sentence for mass murder - at least that what she claims.

This will entail a lot of walking, central Paris is deceptively large, so last Saturday I bought a new pair of walking shoes in anticipation. They felt fine strolling around inside the shoe shop, but the left shoe began to rub the back of my heel when I went for a real walk. So I adopted the classic strategy - put a band-aid on the part of the foot that’s rubbing and set about breaking in the shoes properly. Three or four 40-minute walking sessions later, the problem is solved and the offending shoe has been broken in.

But then I started wondering was it my foot that had been broken in and the shoe remained unaltered. Or was it a bit of both?

Inevitably this led to consideration of whether, through some strange form of osmosis, the outcome was a practical proof of Flann O'Brien's mad molecule theory, with my shoe now being part human heel and my heel being part shoe. And where are the molecules of the protective band-aid in the mix?

Note to self: wear a different pair of shoes tomorrow. And no band-aid.

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