Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lisbon II - the headaches begin.

The thought of another divisive Lisbon Treaty campaign is giving me a headache already.

Assuming it’s the same text, with declarations attached and a promise to incorporate those declarations in the next EU Treaty, we’ll undoubtedly be subjected to the same conspiracy theories and threats – by both sides, though mainly the NO side. (I voted Yes first time, and will again.).

Presumably aircraft leasing mogul Ulick McEvaddy will again offer his assessment that the treaty is unintelligible gobbledygook and should be rewritten in plain English which the ordinary citizen can understand, as if this was the simplest of tasks.

If McEvaddy does surface, I hope someone in the media asks him for a copy of one of his company’s pro-forma aircraft leasing contracts and let us see just how plain and simple that is.
Then ask him if he’d expect one of his clients to sign one of these lease agreements without first having it vetted by an accountant and a lawyer? Or would he himself sign such an agreement without first getting professional advice?

I’ll bet the answer is no. If it’s not, he’s dealing with fools.

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