Thursday, December 11, 2008

Someone should smart meter the Greens

The installation of smart electricity meters in every home in the country has perhaps been Green Party Minister for Energy Eamon Ryan’s biggest idea since he became minister 18 months ago. He rarely misses an opportunity to plug the initiative (pardon the pun).

In today’s Irish Times, Harry McGee reports on the appearance yesterday of the ESB’s chairman Lochlann Quinn and chief executive Padraig McManus before the Dail All Party Committee on Communications & Energy.

“Senior executives of the ESB indicated publicly for the first time yesterday that the technology was not yet fully proven and that the case had not yet been made that such a substantial investment would result in commensurate savings.”

Mr McManus “said that the utility needed to take a prudent approach before making such a huge investment. That is why smart meters were being piloted over 18 months.”

“Mr Quinn added that rolling out smart meters would cost €1 billion and that would go on all consumers' bills.”

Thank god for a bit of prudence in the ESB on this one.
But isn't it just typical of the Greens – loudly promoting unproven, untested solutions. Throwing ESB/customer money at it to create the illusion that the planet is being saved and therefore Green sell-outs on social and ethical policies can be justified to their electorate.

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