Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Indo subverting the Oireachtas?

If one is to believe today’s Irish Times, Sir Anthony may now have his own political party!
Reporting on an ESB refund for overcharging following a review of customer accounts, the IT said that it arose “as a result of a complaint made in 2007 by Independent Senator Shane Ross”.


The report makes no mention of the other Independent Senator, Eoghan Harris.

This means O’Reilly’s Independent Party now matches the Greens and the (soon to be defunct) PDs in the Seanad and exceeds the Shinners. O’Reilly can claim a greater democratic mandate than either the Greens or the PDS as 50% of his members were actually elected!

Mind you, (old joke coming) that’s where Trinity College has surpassed ancient Rome. For while it’s only a myth that the emperor Caligula made his horse a Roman Consul, it’s a fact that Trinity College sent a complete horse’s arse to the Irish Senate.

Where will O’Reilly’s political ambitions end – President Sir Anthony O’Reilly in 2011? I know I said I’ve vote for ABBA (anyone but Bertie Ahern), but this would be a stretch too far, much too far.

As for the soon-to-be-defunct PD senators Cannon & O’Malley, presumably they’ll follow the honourable example of Bev and stop taking their easy “walking around money” from the state?
I presume it’ll have to be voluntary, as someone said of Cannon – you couldn’t fire that man.

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