Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Breakdown in Social Partnership talks.

It’s unfortunate that agreement could not be reached at the Social Partnership talks, but it hardly comes as a major surprise.

Several days appear to have been largely wasted as the Government’s initial input was so lacking in specifics as to be described as “a blancmange” by union participants.

This seems in line with the standard Govt approach to planning – evidenced by initiatives from the 2003 Decentralisation scam to the October 2008 budget. A “back of the envelope” approach to everything.

The second issue which always seemed likely to derail the talks was “Scope Creep”, where a weak "talks management process" allowed the talks agenda to become an ever lengthening wish list for all participants.

All the above simply raises further questions about the Taoiseach’s (and Govt’s) competence and ability to manage the economy out of its current distressed condition.

Published as a letter in the Irish Times

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