Thursday, August 06, 2009

Republican band split

It’s part of republican mythology that a split in “the movement” is inevitable. So the IRA spawned “The Officials”, “The Provisionals”, “The Real IRA”, “Republican Sinn Fein”, the INLA etc etc.. (Brendan Behan famously joked that the first item on the agenda for a meeting of any Irish political party is “the split”.)

It now seems that the splitting virus also infects republican bands. Today’s Liveline featured the acrimonious 8-year split in The Wolfe Tones. Derek Warfield revealed that he hasn’t spoken to or seen his three fellow band-members since the split – and that includes his own brother Brian! Then the two non-fraternal band members phoned in to abuse Warfield.

Great stuff. I always thought the Wolfe Tones were a bunch of rabid dog, rabble-rousing wankers who weren’t worth listening to. So, in my opinion, this acrimony couldn’t have been visited on a more deserving bunch.

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