Monday, August 31, 2009

The silence of the 46 lambs - not a baaa!

The silence of the 46 lambs is deafening – not a baaa from any of them.

Following Garret Fitzgerald’s critical comments on yesterday’s Morning Ireland regarding the quality of their analysis, in particular their exaggeration of the projected budget deficit, Pat Kenny opened his programme at 10.00am with a reprise of Garret’s comments.

Kenny revealed that the programme had contacted Prof. Brian Lucey about Garret’s criticisms. Lucey claimed that “the numbers weren’t important” (is that a first from an economist?) and declined to come on air to discuss the issue. (Now that definitely is a first for this ubiquitous media whore.)

Kenny then said that the programme had also attempted, without success, to contact several of the other signatories. He then issued an open invitation for any one of the 46 signatories to contact the programme.

Kenny closed the programme at 12.00 without any contact from the gang of 46. Will we hear anything from them today, I wonder?

Following Alan Ahearne’s dissection of their sloppy miscalculation of the value of the underlying security, Garret’s attack may well have terminated the credibility of this bunch of wasters.

Good to see that there’s life in the old dog still.


Unknown said...

yes Mollox, too busy to participate by phone. I do have a day job, at whihcI am quite good. that cozx I work like a dog at it.

I know for a fact that at least 5 were contacted: two were on holiday, one was dealing with kids, one was abroad. But PK and the NAMA show roll on... A small effort would have found some people, but for whatever reason PK ddnt. Oh well.
Courtsey would suggest an email to ask, but I guess anon flaming is much easier than putting ones head on the parapet.
Im sure you will sneeringly comment on this "lucey sure is rattled " or some such drivel on your postings. Go for it. If you were willing to post on for example and put your views to the informed nation, that would be something.

Unknown said...

Dont call me a media hoor again....seriously. dont

mollox said...

What's your problem with "media whore"? I suspect you qualify - what media outlet have you not featured on?

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