Friday, February 10, 2006

Celtic Tigress

Tonight's Late Late Show on RTE had it all.

A couple of Irish girls working for Playboy, one supposedly as a PR executive, who goes topless when necessary, and the other a genuine bunny-girl with her own photo-spread, followed immediately by Brendan Shine (60+) playing his accordion and singing his 1950's hit "Do you want your auld lobby washed down". That's what constitutes balance on the national broadcaster.

Just when you thought that it doesn't get any worse, on comes Toireasa Ferris, daughter of Martin Ferris, the ex-IRA jailbird, former member of the IRA Army Council and current Sinn Fein TD for Kerry North. She should have been christened Marita Ann.

I didn't hear any of her political views but she was a good looking girl wearing a very short skirt that was split to the crotch. The only similarity with her old man was the beard! If she fails to get elected at the next General Election, she can always run for Playboy.

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