Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Power to the people

Paddy Power Bookmakers are famous for their irreverent advertising, the recent “Last Supper” scene portrayed as a poker game was an excellent example. When accused of blasphemy, their marketing director offered the defence that “at least we made Jesus the chip leader”. Let’s see them try this with an Islamic flavour!

They always have some quirky bets on their website - here’s a few of their current offerings:

The 2006 Oscars
100/1 - Any actress to walk on stage with her dress tucked into her knickers
100/1 - Best Actress to walk on stage with toilet paper stuck to her shoe

Who will design the “Best Actress” Dress?
3/1 Chanel
500/1 Dunnes Stores (beats them all)

Next Pope
1000/1 Fr Dougal Maguire CC, Craggy Island
1000/1 Bono

10/1 Bush not to finish his second term (phone me your bets, now!)
100/1 Gordon Brown expected baby to be named Tony or Cherie

2016 Olympics
250/1 - London 250/1 (they will host the 2012 Olympics)
500/1 - Ireland (we must fast-track the Bertie Bowl complex at Abbotstown)

FHM Sexiest Woman
500/1 Camilla Parker Bowles (cruel!)

Name of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes baby
500/1 Iceman
500/1 Goose
No odds quoted for Elron (L.Ron Hubbard) - could be the smart bet!

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