Thursday, February 02, 2006

Clerical Abuse?

12 Bishops, 283 nuns 2,365 monks and 4,184 priests*. Clerical abusers?

No, actually this is the number of documented catholic clergy murdered by the Republican side before and during the Spanish Civil War. In addition, hundreds of churches, monasteries and convents were looted and burnt.

This anti-catholic clerical pogrom, carried out mainly by the Anarchists and the Marxist POUM, went largely unchecked by the newly elected Republican Government and was one of the reasons for the outbreak of the civil war in July 1936.

Small wonder then that the Catholic Church in Ireland took the Nationalist side and encouraged men to join O’Duffy’s Irish Brigade.

* Source: Historia de la PersecuciĆ³n Religiosa en EspaƱa (1936-1939). Author: Antonio Montero Moreno

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