Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Colin Farrell keeps it up.

Good to see that Colin Farrell, Ireland’s cultural ambassador to Hollywood, is keeping up his usual standards. He’s embroiled in a legal battle with former girlfriend Nicole Narain, Playboy’s Miss January 2002, about a 14-minute amateur sex video they made together.

She wants to sell it, he‘s trying to stop her. It’s probably because Colin’s been telling people he can “go all night” and a 14-minute video won’t exactly support that claim to fame.

This story is reminiscent of the famous sex video made by Paris Hilton with a boyfriend, which is widely available on the internet under the subtle title “One Night in Paris”. Joan Rivers has the best line on that one. She reveals that the Hilton parents were shocked and horrified by their hotel heiress daughter’s porn video, because it was shot in a Marriott Hotel room.

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