Monday, March 20, 2006

Consenting Bedfellows

Government ministers have launched what is obviously a co-ordinated attack on the alternative coalition, seeking to highlight policy differences between Fine Gael and Labour. They’re even writing letters to the newspapers on this topic.

But the current government is surely proof that no gap is unbridgeable in politics.

The Progressive Democrat/Fianna Fail administration might well be described as a coalition of the upright and the bent, but the parties seem to have had little difficulty in cohabiting for the past 9 years.

Michael McDowell’s intemperate and personalised attack on Richard Bruton today followed hot on the heels of his outrageous comments to John Gormley in the Dail.

It’s clear the Government is feeling the pressure from the proposed Fine Gael/Labour alliance and has decided to have its ministers attack the opposition at every opportunity.

However, the sight of a Minister for Justice behaving in such an unbalanced fashion should not be seen, or tolerated, in a democracy.

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