Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mayday call for the PDs?

Is it all hands to the pumps on the sinking PD ship?

Today’s Irish Times reports the resignation of PD Director of Policy Seamus Mulconry (my old sparring partner), while in the past 7-10 days the spouses of prominent PD Ministers have been engaging in media outings.

Brian Geoghegan a.k.a. “Mr Harney” has had letters published in both the Irish Times & Irish Independent attacking the opposition. Meanwhile, Dr Niamh Brennan a.k.a. “Mrs McDowell” appeared last Sunday on Marian Finucane’s RTE magazine programme. Although she attacked Pat Rabbitte, Labour Party leader, for seeming to keep his post-election options open, she was never identified as the wife of the PD leader. Is Marian a closet PD supporter or just a desperate housewife who still loves FF?

Hopefully the next election will see the demise of the PDs. If they fail to form a part of the next Government it’s not too hard to see them withering away quietly. A May election could really become a MAYDAY (distress) signal from the PDs.

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