Sunday, February 18, 2007

Radio Mooney

It comes as no surprise to me that Matt Cooper’s Last Word on Today FM has overtaken RTE’s Drivetime in the listenership ratings war.

There’s two hours of drivel on RTE before Drivetime, under the stewardship of Derek Mooney, aided and abetted by Brenda O’Donoghue.

I rarely turn off the radio but am all to frequently inspired to do so by this irksome duet. Mooney has a habit of offering strong but gormless opinions on serious topics about which he clearly knows nothing, while O’Donoghue seems to have been drafted in to take the pressure off Mooney by saying and doing stupid things.

The latest whiz to keep listeners happy is a “best bag of chips in Ireland” competition which will be conducted by Brenda and her great friend “Paulio Tullo”. Since his name is Paulo Tullio and pronounced that way, it’s clear she never met the man before in her life. When he laughed at her effort to say his name, she made a couple of extra pathetic efforts, each one confirming that she didn‘t know the man at all.

This really is crap radio and must have listeners switching stations or switching off in their droves.

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