Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spending on the Dáil

Just watched Taoiseach's Questions on RTE 1 - the Dáil chamber was no more than 50% full.

When RTE coverage finished, I switched to Dáil Beo on TG4, where the Taoiseach continued to take questions - from Trevor Sargent and Arthur Morgan.

Trevor was the only Green TD left in the chamber, ditto Arthur for SF. Enda Kenny remained with one FG sidekick, while Bertie's benches were empty apart from Tom Parlon.

There have been media reports in recent months of plans to spend millions upgrading the Dáil chamber in order to accomodate a larger number of TDs required by our increasing population.

Another waste of public money, which seems to flow like water when funding is required for politicians' vanity projects. Let any TD who can't find a seat stand in the chamber or sit on the steps - just as they do in Westminster.

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