Saturday, November 26, 2005

George Best - simply the best

George Best said that he spent a lot of his money on booze, women and fast cars and he simply squandered the rest.

The "best" story is the one about George phoning room-service in the Europa Hotel, Belfast and ordering another bottle of Dom Perignon. When the waiter entered the bedroom of the Presidential Suite, ice-bucket and champagne held aloft, he saw George in bed with Miss World and a huge wad of £20 notes on the bedside table. Standing at the end of the bed, he shook his head wistfully and uttered the now immortal words: "Oh George, where did it all go wrong?"

On a serious note, I presume George had signed an organ donor card, given the fact that he had received a liver transplant himself. I doubt if many of his organs were in a suitable condition for transplant, but what about his feet? There are many current Premiership strikers who could benefit from the famous Best skills, even if the famous feet have considerably aged. Peter Crouch of Liverpool springs to mind.

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