Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mary Robinson - first Queen of Ireland

As a man, I'd be afraid to offer any opinion on Mary Robinson's recent comments about highly qualified women "copping out" of the workplace in order to get married.

However, her appearance on RTE's Late Late Show (18th November) was quite revealing. When questioned by Pat Kenny on the public perception that UN officials in New York enjoyed the high life, she offered a couple of examples to debunk this myth. She revealed that, while she could fly Business Class, her personal assistant had to fly Economy. When Kenny asked if she'd ever gone back to join her colleague in Economy, she replied that her assistant had sometimes managed to cajole her way up to the front. It was clear that it never crossed her mind to join her companion in the back of the plane.
She also revealed that a senior UN official had recently complained to her that his allowances were insufficient to let him stay at the best hotels. Tight belts indeed at the UN.

If Ireland ever decides to be a Monarchy rather than a Republic, I think I know where we can find a queen!

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