Thursday, November 24, 2005

George Bush and al-Jazeera

Tony Blair persuaded George Bush not to bomb al Jazeera, but failed to persuade him to bomb the BBC!
On a serious note, the media is a key element of the terrorist armoury, the "weapon" by which they deliver their messages to the world. Bombs in Iraq are focused on Baghdad and areas where they will most easily receive worldwide media coverage. Elaborate hostage situations are played out on video for media consumption.
For all their protestations of "just reporting the news", the media have become players. 24-hour media needs content and the terrorists are happy to provide it - one monster feeds another. Editorial judgement often appears to go missing. Broadcasters know they are being manipulated but are content to go along with it.
Bush is wrong to think about bombing al-Jazeera, but you can see where he's coming from. I wonder did he consider bombing Fox? Don't think so!

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