Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saturday Views

Irish Ferries dispute

Irish Ferries have borrowed the Genghis Khan HR Handbook from the Chester Beatty Library. Could they please return it as it’s long overdue.

Liam Lawlor

The Dail tributes to Liam Lawlor during the week, from leaders of all major parties, had me reaching for the bucket. This was one crooked politician and silence would have been a dignified response, if they couldn’t summon the moral courage to condemn their former colleague.

In truth, The Sunday Independent did the family a favour. Their ill-informed report on the circumstances of his death put the entire media on the back foot. Far from obituaries reciting his well documented mis-deeds, the entire focus was on media standards and public sympathy shifted onto the family.

What should not be forgotten is that his family have long been beneficiaries of Lawlor’s ill-gotten wealth. Presumably his estate is significantly larger than it would otherwise have been, so they continue to benefit. I trust the Criminal Assets Bureau will pursue his estate. But the Sunday Indo may well have scuppered that too.

Well done Aengus Fanning.

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