Thursday, July 27, 2006

McDaid's Donegal U-turn

It should come as no surprise that Deputy Jim McDaid has done a u-turn on his decision to retire from politics at the next election.

Earlier this year, it emerged that Doctor McDaid had returned full-time to medical practice for several months and yet no-one - his political colleagues, his Donegal constituents or the national or local media - seemed to have noticed that he was no longer operating as a TD.

Clearly it would border on madness for him to voluntarily give up such a valuable and undemanding sinecure, from which Deputy McDaid can earn in excess of €150,000 per annum between his TD's salary and his unvouched, tax-free expenses.

Obviously a very nice little sideline, if you can get it.

On sober reflection, he seems to have come to the same conclusion.

Footnote: Aired on RTE's 5-7 Live programme and published as a letter in the Irish Independent & the Irish Examiner.

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