Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blondes do have more fun!

Mayo 1-16 - Dublin 2-12

I watched the All Ireland semi-final on tv this afternoon, most of it through my fingers. Particularly the Dublin blitz at the start of the second half which left them seven points ahead, when I was sure that we were in for a humiliating hiding.

By some miracle Mayo came back to win the match by a single point. So blondes do have more fun! I watched the highlights (pun intended) later on RTE in a much more relaxed state of mind and Mayo won again!

Having lived in Dublin for over 40 years, more than 80% of my life, I’m surprised at my own affinity to my home county and my complete lack of interest in the fortunes of Dublin, even when they’re not playing Mayo. Proof perhaps that you can take the man out of the bog but you can’t take the bog out of the man.

Having watched the RTE highlights programme, I went channel hopping and ended up watching Film 4 which was showing Jack Nicholson in “As good as it gets”. I just hope that wasn’t an omen for next month’s final against Kerry.

Up Mayo!

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