Friday, August 25, 2006

The Empire Strikes Back

Well at least I'm getting their attention, this is published in today's Irish Times. Mind you, the employment of consultants is the classic way for politicians to deal with any hot potato. You could wallpaper Government Buildings with the various unimplemented consultants reports commissioned over the past couple of years.
That said, I like the tone of Owen Keegan's apparent commitment and he is a man who comes with a reputation for getting things done - even if he became a hate figure for Dublin motorists. Time will tell. I wonder if this would be a good time to pitch "Dun Laoghaire Plage" to him? Maybe not.

Madam, - Peter Molloy (August 17th ) is mistaken in his view that "last year's protests have scared local politicians and the county council is unlikely to propose any new initiative for fear of another backlash. Consequently we could be faced with years if not decades of inaction on this bricked up and derelict eyesore on the seafront ."
On the contrary, we will shortly be engaging consultants to prepare proposals for a major environmental/amenity improvement scheme covering the area between the East Pier and Sandycove. The overall objective will be to create a world class amenity for our own residents and visitors to enjoy. We envisage a facility in keeping with the world class setting and incorporating the S2S - Sandycove to Sutton Promenade and Cycleway project. The development will also be consistent with the recommendations of the council's baths subcommittee. Any new proposals will of course be put out to public consultation.
I do not wish to underestimate the likely difficulties in financing whatever project emerges or to discourage funding from outside agencies.
However, it remains my view that the true measure of the value of a project to the council is the extent to which the council is prepared to invest its own money to ensure its completion! - Yours, etc,
OWEN P KEEGAN, County Manager, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

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