Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Does God Exist?

Firstly let me record my profound thanks to William Reville for replacing me, temporarily at least, as the hate figure on the letters page of the Irish Times.

I didn’t see his original article on the existence of God but it certainly has provoked a long and heated response from the atheist science section of the letter-writing crank population.

The reaction to William Reville's article suggests that fundamentalist non-believers have much in common with fundamentalist believers and both need to learn the same lesson : that tolerance is a virtue, not a weakness.

It’s amusing really because, while proving the existence of God is indeed a hugely challenging task, proving his non-existence is actually impossible. Worthy of a Nobel Prize, no doubt.

Yet science has always been willing to allow itself the luxury of unprovable hypotheses.

The existence of the Universe is explained by the Big Bang Theory, but science is unable to say what, or who, caused the Big Bang to occur and where the original matter, which now constitutes the ever-expanding universe as we know it, came from.

Footnote: The section in italics published as a letter in the Irish Times. A variant published in the Irish Independent.

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