Monday, October 16, 2006

Surge in support for Government

Some reaction to recent Irish Times & Sunday Tribune opinion polls, showing a surge in support for the Government, seems a tad naïve in light of the long-standing refusal of the Irish electorate to punish, at the ballot box, those involved in previous financial scandals.

The funds “lent” to Mr Ahern were only pin-money compared to the gifts showered on his mentor, Charles Haughey.

Mr Haughey, in turn, must have viewed with admiration the corporate stroke of Fianna Fail founder Mr de Valera in taking control of the assets of the Irish Press for a nominal personal investment.

Nowadays such a stroke would probably constitute a corporate fraud, perpetrated on the american investors, but the de Valera family continue to benefit from those assets.

Footnote: Section in italics published as a letter in the Irish Independent

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