Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where's Caviston when you need him?

The Government is now proposing to ban drift net fishing for salmon, buying out the fishermen who have traditionally been involved in this activity.

There are news reports that Fianna Fail backbenchers from coastal constituencies are coming under pressure to reverse this position (or presumably to get the maximum possible compensation for this inevitable step).

But here’s the puzzle: Wild salmon is rarely available in your local fishmongers, but when it is it’s one of the most expensive fish you can buy.

However, wild salmon is always available in your local supermarket and is one of the cheapest types of canned fish you can buy.

Has anyone talked to John West to see how he does it? What are we doing that's so different?

Has anyone asked him if, instead of canning the fish, he could freeze it and send it to Ireland where we could presumably enjoy it for a fraction of the cost of the local wild salmon, even allowing for transport costs?

These are the big questions we need answers to! Where’s Caviston?

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