Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bev's chance of a quick promotion?

It’s been announced that Seamus Brennan has advised incoming Taoiseach Brian Cowen that he wishes to resign from the cabinet, due to ill health.

This means that Brian Cowen now has 2 voluntary vacancies at the cabinet table to fill. This will inevitably result in a general shuffle upwards within FF.

I believe that, of the entire FF parliamentary, there are only 3 members who don’t currently have some “position” e.g. minister, junior minister, chair of committee etc. etc.. Those are Jim McDaid, Ned O’Keeffe and the recently re-admitted Beverly Flynn.

Assuming that neither Bertie Ahern or Seamus Brennan want any of those lowly jobs, Cowen will probably have to “promote” 2 of these 3 misfits to some position, however menial.
Which duo will he choose? Will that “class act” Bev get the nod and, if she does, what message will it send out regarding standards under Cowen ?

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