Thursday, May 22, 2008

Biffo & Mary Coughlan - The Touchy & Tetchy Show

After yesterday’s Dail performance, the Indo’s Fionnan Sheehan has christened Biffo & Mary Coughlan as “The Touchy & Tetchy Show“. He concludes by wishing them both a “Welcome to the big leagues“.

(Mary Coughlan was tetchy with Sheehan when he pointed out to her that she was wrong, twice, about the number of EU commissioners the larger countries area entitled to.)

Will Touchy & Tetchy be a hit? Could they be our entry in next year’s Eurovision or are they just another pair of turkeys?

I heard another commentator on radio suggest that Biffo was only speaking to Mary in language she’d understand. Is she really a bit of Donegal rough?

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