Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dustin plucked & stuffed in Belgrade

A suitably chastened and unusually subdued Dustin was interviewed on RTE’s Morning Ireland, following last night’s ignominious failure to achieve a top 10 finish in the Eurovision semi-final.

That failure came as no surprise , as the song was greeted with some booing in the Belgrade venue, something I hadn’t heard before. Unfortunately, this semi-final wasn't broadcast on BBC, I was dying to hear what, if anything, Terry Wogan would have to say about the song's reference to "Terry Wogan's wig". Now we'll never know.

I was surprised by Dustin’s downbeat demeanour this morning, I can only put it down to a hangover. He surely couldn’t have rated his chances that seriously? He sounded gutted, plucked & stuffed, with none of his trademark cheek and quick-fire smart comments. There wasn't even the slighest chance of a "go on, ya good thing!"

Anyway, there’s some consolation for him - he’s in good company with last year’s turkeys Dervish and John Waters. And the previous year’s young sibling duo , whose names escape me (and most of the rest of the population, I suspect).

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