Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Woman of the Year Nominee

Brenda Pickering, ex-Microsoft employee, is my nominee for Woman of the Year.

I've been slightly following her High Court case against Microsoft, who she was suing for constructive dismissal etc.. I found some of the evidence incredible e.g. she wanted to manage a unit of 350 people from her holiday home in Spain.

Lucky thing that I avoided a career in the legal profession because I thought she hadn't a snowball in hell's chance of winning this. In fact, the further the case progressed the more silly she was made to look.

And then the verdict - she was a victim of "constructive dismissal" with damages to follow. RTE reported that she expressed her satisfaction with the outcome - from Spain!

Sudden and complete rethink required: If she can win a High Court action from Spain, then managing a Microsoft unit from there would be an absolute doddle.

Game, set and match to Brenda, as they say in golfing circles.

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