Saturday, December 09, 2006

Money talks - sometimes it makes sense.

Watching highlights of Leinster v Agen rugby match this evening, I was impressed by the number of advertiser's logos on the Agen shirts. It reminded me of the driver's suits in Formula One which are truly festooned with advertising badges.

This is big money territory, the top teams such as Real Madrid and Manchester United probably earn €5m+ per annum from sponsors for the privilege of putting their logo on the team shirts.

Which makes it all the more curious when you see Barcelona with only the Unicef logo on their shirts. Why, you ask yourself, would a charity pay to advertise in this way, wasting the money you’ve contributed? Except that it’s actually the other way around - Barcelona pay Unicef something like €2m per annum for the privilege.

In a money-driven world that has infected all sports, isn’t that a rare bit of sporting decency to gladden even the cynical heart?

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