Thursday, December 28, 2006

What's McDowell reading?

Could it be true that bedside reading for Michael McDowell is "Michael" a semi-autobiographical novel written by Joseph Goebbels and published in 1929?

Or is it just a foul rumour spread by the judiciary?

This books is real. Anyone wishing to send him a copy should note that he’s highly sensitive and the English translation “Michael: A Novel” is available from Amazon for $45.

From Amazon Website re "Michael" by Joseph Goebbels
Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly

This poorly written "novel" in diary form by Hitler's calculating and sinister propaganda minister is, not surprisingly, a compilation of vicious Nazi doctrine. First published in 1929, four years before the Nazis seized power in Germany, it was so widely read that it went through 17 editions and appears here in English for the first time. The story concerns a former soldier who finds his university studies hold little meaning in Weimar Germany, which is beset by economic hardship and revolutionary stirrings. Michael abandons his education to help rebuild Germany for the Volk, and his romantic desire to die for the cause becomes reality when he perishes in a coal mine where he works as a labourer. This book is filled with vituperations against Jews, intellectuals, liberals, utopias and Leninism. Its educational value for students of Nazism is debatable since it contains no introduction placing Goebbels or his times in its historical and social context.
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