Saturday, December 02, 2006

Paying your way!

It’s impossible not to feel lucky when you wake up in the morning and find you
- are not living in Darfur, Baghdad, Palestine, Africa, South America and Asia
- don’t have a physically or mentally handicapped child or a parent suffering from alzhiemers
- have access to education, medication and a regular democratic proccess
- have enough money to meet your own and your family’s needs

It’s impossible to watch the daily news and not see that you live a life of safety and privilege which is denied to a majority of the world’s population.

Yet increasingly, with easier and cheaper transport, we really do live in a global village which sits comfortably beside the globalised economy we’re constantly told is essential to pay our way.

As we know that the poor will always trouble (perhaps mug or rob) their rich neighbours, then we must also, however unwillingly, acknowledge that until we achieve some sort of financial/ economic equilibrium within our own society and with our 3rd world neighbours, we ourselves will never achieve real long-term security.

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