Sunday, November 30, 2008

ABBA for President (No. 2)

In today’s Sunday Times, Matt Cooper raises the awful possibility of Berie Ahern in the park in 2011.

This “campaign” was launched a couple of months ago when Cecilia Ahern expressed the view that her father would make a fine president.

We’ve now seen the Bertie series on RTE and the Drumcondra mafia has been exposed as a smug and unpleasant bunch of chancers.

The prospect of this lot partying up in the Aras doesn’t bear thinking about: “Jaysus lads, we done it! Hey gherkin,(presidential ADC) tell Fagan’s to send up a barrel of Bass and a couple of cases of Piat d’Or pronto and then eff off. Anything in uniform makes us nervous.”

And we’d have the spectacle of Bertie taking his current mot abroad on state visits. It was embarrassing enough when he did it as Taoiseach, we should never tolerate it again.

So it’s ABBA for President.
Anyone But Bertie Ahern.

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