Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shane Ross exposes himself!

Finally, Shane Ross comes clean!

On RTE’s Morning Ireland today, Ross admitted he didn’t understand some of what BOI CEO Brian Goggin had said in an earlier interview, regarding the bank’s half-year results, because “ he disguised it in language no layman could understand”.

But Shane Ross isn’t supposed to be a layman, he’s the business editor of the Sunday Independent and a regular loudmouth commentator on radio & tv, supposedly a business specialist, as he was with on RTE this morning.

I’ve always regarded Ross as a light-weight populist chancer when it comes to business journalism. Now he’s finally admitted it live on air.

It’s only a myth that Caligula made his horse a roman consul. But it’s a fact that Trinity College elected a horse’s ass a senator!

Trinity students and graduates please note.

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