Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday Tribune Restaurant Reviews

I usually read the restaurant reviews in The Sunday Tribune magazine and have been impressed by the generous tipping regime of their current reviewer, Katy McGuinness. A minimum of 20% seems to be the norm, even where the service has been the subject of critical comment in the review. She recently reviewed Shebeen Chic in the company of two friends, was critical of the food, the service and the décor, yet added a €50 tip to a €230 bill.

This week (23rd Nov) she reviewed The Pig’s Ear, on Nassua St, in the company of her editor. The combined bill for the pair amounted to €126.40 to which she added a, for her, miserly 12% (€15) tip. The total amounted €141.40, an unusually modest outlay for this particular reviewer.

Yet she commented in her review that “when a casual early evening Tuesday supper for two costs €70 a head, there is clearly something amiss”. Isn’t it amazing how one’s perceptions and opinions can be influenced by the company one keeps?

Perhaps Fás isn’t alone in needing to review its expenses policy?

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