Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lighthouse in a bog?

Radio reports today that a committe chaired by Minister Tom Parlon has come up with some helpful proposals to ameliorate the impact of flooding on households.

(i) Don't lay expensive carpets downstairs
(ii) Keep all your valuables, including furniture, upstairs.

Living in a bungalow, I'm having some trouble convincing the wife of the merit of these proposals.

He's wasted here, truly a lighthouse from a bog. An alternative measure might be to send this national treasure to New Orleans, where he can advise on the reconstruction of the city and the flood-proofing of buildings there.

I look forward to photos of Louisiana bedecked with "Parlon Country" posters. He'll be at home among the red-necks, I can almost hear the banjos and the squealing of a pig.

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