Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wayne O'Donoghue Manslaughter Conviction

Following the conviction of Wayne O'Donoghue for the manslaughter of Robert Holohan and the mother's dramatic intervention before sentencing, the media has bene having a field day speculating on what might actually have happened at the time of Robert's death.

No more so than RTE's Radio 1 where almost every talk programme has speculated on the matter or invited listeners comments.

Last evening's 5-7 Live invited listeners to participate in a phone-in poll on the topic. This prompted the following email to the programme:

Ever since Marian Finucane re-tried Tim Allen by radio poll, I've thought that we could save a lot of taxpayers money by simply trying sensitive cases via RTE.

Morning Ireland could start the ball rolling, Joe Duffy could allow the opinionated vent their spleen on air and finally 5-7 Live could finish the case off with a phone-in poll.

The main benefits would be
A speedy trial
A happy public
A happy RTE - all that free content!
A happy taxpayer, with major saving in legal costs

Serious/capital offences could be tried over 2 days, the second day could be dedicated to the appeal.

Does RTE recognise any limit to it's powers?

Footnote: The following letter was published by the Irish Independent:

Sir - In sentencing Wayne O'Donoghue, Mr Justice Paul Carney listed the considerations he had to take into account in arriving at a four-year sentence. He omitted to mention the RTE re-trial process.
Will this need to be factored into future decisions or are there actually some limits to RTE's powers? Yours etc..

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