Saturday, January 21, 2006

Vincent Browne monopolising the media

The following letter appeared in Friday's Irish Times.

Madam, - Vincent Browne (January 18th) calls for the introduction of a rule that no single legal entity can own or control more than a single media outlet in the country. May I propose an extension of this rule to cover the number of media outlets a single columnist can appear in each week? - Yours, etc,
EDWARD BROPHY, Nutley Avenue, Dublin 4.

which prompted the following response. I doubt they'll publish it but it was fun to write.

Madam, - Edward Brophy (IT letters 20th Jan) suggests placing a weekly limit on the number of organs to which Vincent Browne can contribute. Personally, I’d prefer a weekly limit on the number of times he can recycle the same material.
As a lapsed listener to Vincent’s nightly radio kangaroo court, I’d like to offer RTE a suggested change in format which might win me back: the installation of an independent but silent chairperson, seated within armslength of Vincent. The sole function of the chairperson would be to hit Vincent with the gavel whenever he gets out of hand.
I would be happy to help pilot the concept. Yours, etc.

Footnote: As expected, this wasn't printed by the Irish Times, so I emailed it to Vincent Browne's RTE radio show. I'm not holding my breath that it will change his approach.

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