Monday, January 29, 2007

Brand Goody

Anyone watching Celebrity Big Brother who thinks that Jade Goody represents the lowest form of pond life in modern British society is making a big mistake.

Flicking across the channels last night, I happened upon "Celebrity Big Brother’s Big Mouth", presented by Russell Brand - supposedly a comedian.

His guests on the show were the “celebs” who had been evicted from the house, with the top 3 due to arrive later. In the first couple of minutes of the show he told several crude wanking “jokes”, all accompanied by vigorous hand movements.

This really was shit presented as wit, with only the crude vulgarity generating the laughter, doubtless much of it nervous. I switched off the TV and went to bed.

The difference between Brand and Goody is that this guy is getting paid by Channel 4 specifically to deliver this school-boy toilet humour, whereas Jade Goody was merely set-up by Channel 4 to self-destruct for our “entertainment”.

I thought the original idea behind Channel 4 was that it would be the commercial equivalent of BBC2 - a platform for minority interests e.g. arts, culture, education, drama etc - more intellectually challenging programmes than the mainstream channels.

Big Brother should be buried at a cross-roads at midnight with a stake through his/her heart, never to be seen or heard of again!

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