Friday, January 05, 2007

More Fine Gael eejits

Following his appearance on RTE's Morning Ireland today, I sent the following email to Damien English. ( , It seems he’s away skiing in Andorra, such a pity that he hadn’t his mobile phone switched off when Sam Smyth of the Independent came calling. On the lunchtime news, Mark Hennessy, political correspondent of the Irish Times, described English’s performance on Morning Ireland as “na├»ve, bordering on stupid“. Personally, I detected no border.

Young talent in Fine Gael my arse!
As a lifelong Fine Gael voter, if you or John Deasy ever emerge as senior members of the party I'm switching to Labour.

What a pair of f***ing eejits! The big media issue is now the leadership of Enda Kenny, they must be shitting themselves laughing over in FF HQ.

Frankly, I hope the pair of you lose your seats. You're no asset to any party and your pathetic performance on Morning Ireland will have given the electorate no confidence in the capability of FG's younger TDs.

I thought Deasy had nailed "gobshite of the year 2007" but he's obviously got strong competition. Sadly, it's within FG!
Yours etc.

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